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Chippewa Valley Electrical Contractors

Experienced Electrical Contractors

Chippewa Valley Electrical Contractors can handle any project from start to finish, from wire to wire, locally and throughout the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas!

We are a full-service electrical contracting company that offers residential, commercial and industrial electrical services and repair. Our customers include a wide-range of local businesses, churches, home owners, education, healthcare facilities, and retail.

Our professional team is experienced with the (NEC) National Electrical Code, local building codes and OSHA regulations. We offer a one-year warranty of parts and labor, and a five-year extended warranty. You can contact us 24/7 for service calls, or you can request a quote for your electrical needs using the form below.

Electrical Services

  • Fault finding
  • Outside lighting
  • Aerial and trenching
  • Electrical installations
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